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Flash Drive Explorer Addons Developers Page

In this page you will get what you need to build FDE Addons.

Lets start : 

You need this : 

1- Microsoft Visual C# (At least express edition)

2- Download the FDEAddon template from the following link :

3- Now copy the zip file to "C:\users\username\Documents\Visual Studio 2010\Templates\ProjectTemplates\Visual C#"

4- Now open Visual C# 2010 and start a new fdeaddon project, it must be named as "FDEAddon1"

as "1" means it is the first version of the addon engine.

5- Open the project properties and edit the assembly name to any name you want.

6- Now open "MainClass.cs" and provide your informations.

7- Now you are ready to begin the real work. Go to the "MainWin.cs" and start creating your addon.